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Non-Contact Seam-Tracking Smart Laser Probe from Meta Vision

Meta Vision Systems has released their Smart Laser Probe seam tracking solution which makes use of the company’s innovative sensor technology for non-manual arc welding machine purposes.

Meta Vision’s original laser sensor furnishes intensive laser seam-tracking operations and ensures security which economically compliments the mechanical probe tracking. The system has been widely exploited for railway wagon production, fabrication in shipyards, tank welding and in various non-manual welding applications encompassing simple rotary, linear or circumferential functions.

Seam-Tracking Smart Laser Probe

The company has configured the recent generation solution by employing advanced megapixel CMOS imagers, integrated electronics and extensive-resolution display units for enhanced operation, safety and user-friendliness, maintaining its economical value.

The contact-less seam-tracking device is capable of monitoring and balancing any fluctuations that arise from the usual welding process and provides precise, un-manned welding process eliminating the necessity of expensive maintenance or manual assistance.

The company’s advanced technology integrates image processing software and hardware into the sensor head for non-complicating the design of the device, which employs an Ethernet connection to transmit the data between the color touch display, sensor head and the in-built multi-operative input/output circuitry. The latest anti-reflection methodology has been utilized in the hardware and software to ensure smooth operations with the reflective aluminum and stainless steel metals.

Though the image processing electronics is integrated in the sensor head, an intense sampling with the megapixel camera resolution in the rate of 30 full fps supports rapid welding with high-precision and the partial frames can be calculated at larger rates.

The novel configuration withstands temperatures in the range of -40°C to 55 °C and can be used in inter-country pipelines and in intense factory conditions.

The multi-colored touch screen facilitates the inspection of welding operations instantly and helps in rectifying the maintenance problems during working. The multifunctional input/output functionality helps connecting various equipments. The operator pendant features multicolored LEDs to provide instantaneous feedback to the operator from the pendant.


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