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Opsens’ Pressure Sensors to Explore Geological CO2 Storage Mechanism

Opsens, a leading Fiber optic sensing device provider, has been offered a contract by the Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) for fabricating a new miniature pressure monitoring device for evaluating the well characteristics in prevailing bore-wells.

Opsens will advance and manufacture a mobile multiple packer spiral tube-enabled utility system to monitor pressure and to evaluate the well integrity in bore-wells. The device features four autonomously regulated inflation packers, intense-resolution pressure sensing units and systems to exert pressure vibrations in bore-wells.

Darren Wiltse, president of PTRC stated that, Opsens Solutions will be deployed for evaluating the hydraulic integrity of bore-wells for exploring the geological CO2 storage phenomenon.

Efficient CO2 retention needs the awareness about the hydraulic features of bore-wells and their reaction towards exposure to CO2, appropriate techniques for measuring their activity and understanding of proper rectification procedures.

Opsens’ device will be exploited for field evaluation study for measuring the hydraulic characteristics of the preferred wells’ cemented annulus.

The company’s OPP-W fiber-optic sensors are used in thermal revival market, for furnishing secure, live downhole thermal and pressure data with regard to their steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells while working. The capability to regulate bottomhole pressure at extreme temperatures for artificial lift units permits the SAGD operators to enhance steam/oil proportion and to lower the operative and lifting expenses. In multiple well performances, this is highly economical, lessening the water purification expenses, balancing the natural gas utility concerned with the production of steam and increasing the durability of artificial lift systems.

Opsens’ sensing systems delivers high-precision and security even in extreme conditions and the company supplies various sensors for monitoring temperature, strain, pressure and displacement to OEMs and for the medical, oil and gas and laboratory purposes.


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