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Novel LRD8200 Label Sensors from Lion Precision

Lion Precision, a leading manufacturer of clear label sensing devices, has launched its latest label sensor called the LRD8200.

The advanced sensor employs a unique technology which can be deployed with all the labels, liner substances and artwork encompassing plastic, foil, clear, opaque paper, hotstamp or translucent materials.

The particular model LRD8200 was configured to be used with all forms of labels ensuring user-friendliness. Mark Kretschmar, a member of the LRD8200 development group stated that, in comparison with the other sensors which utilize a complex code of flashing light designs and buttons for attaining various configuration patterns, which is time-consuming, the LRD8200 features a specific bar graph representation for simplifying the setup operations. The Triple-Check Verification system in the device permits the operator to perform the evaluation process by simply observing the display i.e. if the three Triple-Check indicator lights are functional, it is an indication that the sensor is setup appropriately.

The push-button functionality in the system manages the sensor. The stimulation force of the buttons is only 250 g for convenient pressing. The buttons are coated with durable polyester for protecting them from crack or wear during several operations and the functions of the buttons are clearly labeled on it and the re-arrangements can be executed by noticing the bar-graph display. Kretschmar remarked that a user-friendly guideline is provided instead of a teach manual, to maintain some regulations while working with the sensor.

The LRD8200 features a push-button modifiable sensing unit with a broad fork for easy monitoring of booklets, thick webs and is consistent with all the label materials. It can also be deployed for splice as well as double-sheet identification.

The major characteristics of the LRD8200 cover 125-425 µS response time, 0.015" or 0.4 mm precision, 1 kHz switching frequency with 240 m/min having 2 mm gaps, works on temperature in the range from 4°C to 50°C or from 40°F to 120°F, PNP and NPN outputs, optional light/dark switching pushbuttons and +12 to 24 VDC power.

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