A Step Up in Portable Scanning Precision and Connectivity with Nikon's New MCAx S ARM

Nikon Metrology’s new and advanced MCAx S articulated arm augments the ModelMaker H120 with improved precision, confidence and connectivity. This perfect partnership is the go-to portable handheld laser scanning solution for supreme accuracy, detail and productivity, reinforcing its position as the ideal measurement tool in the metrology lab, on the shop floor or in the field.

The new MCAx S articulated arm from Nikon Metrology equipped with the ModelMakerH120 laser scanner.

Next level portable optical measurement

With more than 25 years of cutting-edge evolution and development, Nikon Metrology’s portable scanning solutions have led the path to solving many of measurement’s most challenging tasks. The combination of the industry leading ModelMaker H120 laser scanner, with the new MCAx S articulated arm gives users even greater insight to improve quality, accelerate time-to-market, and streamline manufacturing processes. It guarantees unprecedented levels of detail and precision for a portable shop floor solution, regardless of user experience.

Precision and user confidence is confirmed by system scanning and arm probing accuracy certifications to the comprehensive ISO 10360-8 Annex D and ISO 10360-12 standards meeting modern industry expectations. The MCAx S arm further enhances the user experience by adding the ability to scan truly cable free, through high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power with absolutely no reduction in productivity.

Paired with the ModelMaker H120’s proven capabilities to measure challenging materials with exceptional detail at high speed, the MCAx S arm only strengthens Nikon Metrology’s solution, enabling greater mobility to investigate production quality in all industrial applications.

Seamless integration with leading metrology software suites gives users the security of working within their chosen platform, enhancing existing workflows with shorter measurement times and greater understanding of quality issues.

Flexible, precise metrology

The new MCAx S ranges in size from 2.0 to 4.5 m and comprises three performance levels for user choice of optimal configuration. Compatibility with tripods and magnetic bases allow freedom to select the right mounting for the task in hand. Infinite rotation and 7-axis freedom of movement give unrestricted reach in and around parts. Thermal stability and advanced encoder technology eliminates warm up, reducing setup and inspection time. The MCAx S offers true multi-probing. Alongside the scanner, tactile probes can be used in parallel to measure geometric features or hard to reach areas. Advances such as automatic intelligent pre-selection of scanner or probe depending on type of measurement enhances ease-of-use for full remote operation of the solution.

Seamless integration with the ModelMaker H120 leverages exclusive Nikon scanning technology including patented ESP4 automatic optimisation of settings for every single measured point with no reduction in speed. A combination of low-speckle blue laser and expertly crafted bespoke in-house Nikon lens design enables the smallest structural resolution and lowest noise measurements in handheld scanning. This guarantees high productivity and superior non-contact measurement of freeform and geometric surfaces without compromising on small details – no matter the size or material.

This new solution addresses the needs of demanding modern inspection challenges by providing versatility, high-speed accurate scanning performance and the confidence of ISO certification. Enabling users to benefit from a greater understanding of the most detailed aspects of their parts in the shortest time frame.

Source: https://www.nikonmetrology.com/en-gb/


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