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Vitronic to Showcase its New Seam Inspection System at EuroBLECH

Vitronic, a machine vision expert, will be demonstrating its VIROwsi weld seam inspection system at EuroBLEC 2010, which is scheduled to be conducted from October 26 to 30, in Hanover, Germany. The VIROwsi has an advanced slim configuration which facilitates its installation into various manufacturing processes.

The EuroBLECH expo is the greatest sheet metal functioning business show in the world consisting of numerous components, finished products, assemblies, surface treatment, welding, safety as well as repository devices. About 1,500 companies will be participating in the show this year and visitors comprise specialists from various automobile production, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding industries.

The VIROwsi technology is rapidly standardizing the automotive sectors. The system features a semiconductor laser, enclosed in a condensed sensing unit fitted on a robotic arm to exhibit a line over a seam that is welded. A rapid resolution imager in the sensor tracks the line as an elevation figure.

It creates a three-dimensional picture of the whole surface of the seam by means of relative motion of the component as well as the sensor and identifies even the joint distortions (e.g. blisters, pores hairline cracks, shape flaws on the edges or dents) with high-precision and furnishes information on quality advancement based on the necessity. The system can detect seams joining reflective elements and flat welded seams.

VIROwsi avoids the necessity of manual operations, thus saving the expenses. VIROwsi along with the company’s VINSPEC surface monitoring tool will be exhibited at the trade show.

The VINSPEC is utilized in the manufacturing process and employs line-scan and matrix imagers to observe objects when they move with powered conveyors. It also inspects cylinder heads, cylinder head gaskets and other car engine elements.

Vitronic delivers machine vision solutions to traffic control, logistics, industrial robotics and pharmaceutical production units.


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