Sensor-Enabled Blind-Spot Recognizing Technology in Bosch’s Cars

Bosch has developed a state-of-the-art ultrasonic, blind-spot recognizing sensing technology called the Side View Assist system, which warns the driver when other vehicles come close to or approach diagonally behind his/her vehicle when drifting the lanes. This innovative system has been advanced based on the company’s parking aid and parking assistant technology by integrating ultrasonic sensing devices into the car.

Sensor-Enabled Blind-Spot Recognizing Technology in Bosch’s Cars

The Side View Assist system can recognize the objects that are about three metres in proximity to the side and diagonally behind the car, including the blind spot zones that cannot be observed through the mirrors.

The ultrasonic sensing units are incorporated into the sides of the back and front bumper of the cars and the two sensors that are fitted on the back side recognizes the blind spots on the left and right side of the street, whilst the front senors perform plausibility inspections.

When a sensor on the front left recognizes an object prior to a sensor located on the backside left, the system perceives that the approaching vehicle is moving through the opposite side of the lane and doesn’t show any indicating warning to the driver. On the other hand, if the backside sensor is detecting the presence of an object before the front sensors, then the system will automatically generate a lighting indication on the wing mirror that has been fixed on the side in which the object has been recognized by the system. In case if the driver neglects or misses this indication and changes the lanes, the Side View Assist system will produce a beep sound to alert the user.

The operative speed of the system ranges between 6 and 87mph and will not alert the driver when this speed limit is exceeded. The company states that this system will be economical to the car manufacturers than integrating radar or video surveillance systems, since this unique technology employs electronic elements that have already been incorporated into the cars.


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