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Inovonics Unveils Wireless Activity Sensor for Senior Care Facilities

Inovonics, a wireless sensor solution provider for life-saving and commercial applications, has unveiled a wireless sensor named EN1240 activity sensor to fulfill the specific demands of facilities caring for seniors.

The sensor employs the motion-sensing technology that enhances the routine activities in a senior care facility. It is suitable for large installations as it enhances the performance and consistency of the monitoring system and thus reduces the associated costs.

The EN1240 with a long-run sleep timer senses the person’s activity passively and thus decreases unnecessary radio frequency traffic in large sensor systems. The sensor automates the routine check-in process, which in turn eliminates the need for the resident to do a check-in procedure. It also regulates the alarm traffic by reducing the number of unnecessary alarm signals.

The EN1240 informs the system if a resident’s movements happen prior to the standard check-in time. The sensor will give out the activity alarm during the sleep cycle time set by the sleep timer to make sure the system identifies the movement of the resident. The distinctive sleep timer used in the EN1240 decreases unnecessary alarm signals during the day better than a conventional motion sensor, which creates unwanted alarms as it is triggered more often. The battery used in the EN1240 has a four-year lifetime. The sensor saves nurses’ time and makes them more available for taking care of the residents.


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