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Multi-Channel Wire Technology Facilitates Sensor Installation

Kistler Instrumente AG has advanced an innovative multiple-channel wire technology for facilitating the incorporation process of cavity-pressure sensing devices into complicated multiple-cavity molds.

Multi-Channel cable Technology

Formerly, every cavity-pressure sensing device needed a unique wire for the charging amplifiers, thus demanding extended time for the incorporation processes and delivering major hazards due to inappropriate connections. The latest multiple-channel wire system employs the single-wire methodology to substitute numerous interfaces with single or various eight-pinned plug-in connectors.

For this improved system, wires from eight sensing units are combined to a unique mold-integrated connector and a multiple core wire transmits the signals form the connecter to the charge amplifier. The multiple-channel charging amplifier is configured in such a way as to be deployed with all the single-cable sensing units from Kistler Unisens.


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