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Imatest's Enhance Image Sensor (IS) Edition for Configuring Toshiba Image Sensors

Imatest and Toshiba America Electronics Components (TAEC) have joined hands to improve the Image Sensor (IS) Edition of Imatest, which is a promising tool for helping engineers involved in configuring image sensors of Toshiba.

Toshiba's Chip Scale Camera Modules

Image sensors are incorporated in products that range from medical imaging devices and telescopes to webcams and mobile phones, for supporting a broad range of imaging requirements. Every requirement poses its own complexities and challenges to product development engineers. These engineers will need to configure the image sensor for delivering the optimal grouping of digital imaging qualities and have to trade off between image qualities often.

An iterative cycle, which comprises set up of sensor registers, image capture, performing tests, and analysis of results, is involved during the process of proper configuration of image sensors. For achieving an ideal configuration for every sensor and every application, this cycle has to be repeated.

The IS Edition of Imatest permits direct image reading and analysis by interfacing with the image sensor configuration software, and offers product engineers information needed for optimizing the sensor settings that include sharpness, blemish detection, distortion,  veiling glare, lateral chromatic aberration, uniformity, dynamic range, color accuracy, color moire, ISO sensitivity, and noise.

Randy Bockrath, Imatest’s CEO revealed that so far the IS Edition was able to interface only with image sensors from OmniVision and Aptina and that he is happy that collaboration between Toshiba and Imatest will help engineers who work on image sensors of Toshiba in achieving optimal configuration results, accurately and efficiently. He explained that time has come for the IS Edition software product to enhance its worth. The time taken to configure TAEC’S sensors is likely to be reduced significantly by integrating the sensor configuration software of Toshiba and the IS Edition, according to the vice president of Imaging and Communications Marketing Group of TAEC, Andrew Burt.


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