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Sam5 Biosensor Aids Biomolecular Interaction Studies

SAW Instruments has released a novel sam5 bio-sensing device for studying live, biomolecular bonding and its kinetics.

Sam5 Biosensor

The sam5 is an unparalleled biosensor which uses Surface Acoustic Wave technology for label-less identification of structural events and live interactions of molecules.

By employing the company’s  bimodal calibration technology, it is possible to monitor structural deviations occurring in vesicles, membranes and cellular components.

The sam5 sensor module features five autonomous sensing components for concurrent evaluation of various types of parameters and corresponding references. Thereby the sam5 satisfies the biosensing requirements in a wide range, offering  accuracy vital for advancing traditional researches further.

The Surface Acoustic Wave technology is operative on an acoustic wave pattern and will propagate depending on the material’s surface. Each surface possesses a particular characteristic, influencing the wave upon propagating through the surface of the material that has been measured. Thus, the feature of the surface to be measured and deviations in it can be detected by using sensors, since these biosensors are capable of identifying the wave pattern, by drifting through out the surface.

Specifically, the deviation in mass leads to changes in the wave’s velocity, while the visco-elastic and structural features further affects amplitude of the wave. This technology precisely provides the data, furnishing live outputs binding measures and structural fluctuations in the molecules across which the wave propagates.


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