High-Tech Radar with Camera for Reliable Traffic Monitoring

In order to efficiently manage high traffic volumes, various technologies are in use for monitoring and controlling traffic. Radar sensors and video cameras serve as alternatives to invasive induction loops. InnoSenT’s new transport system uses both: advanced radar detection and optional video recording for reliable and efficient real-time traffic monitoring.

The radar system ITR-3800 with camera for traffic monitoring. (Picture Source: InnoSenT GmbH)

ITR-3800 Traffic Radar

The new ITR-3800 is ready to get the industry moving with its easy integration, advanced features, and high performance. The radar system is specially designed for use at large intersections or sections of roads, because its special antenna design enables a wide field of view.

The ITR-3800 is developed by the radar experts for intersection management and traffic monitoring. For this purpose, it comes with advanced functions such as vehicle detection at the stop line, lane-specific advance detection or detection of wrong-way drivers. The product convinces with precise measurement results, detailed radar resolution, innovative features (such as radar tracking & object classification) and the already included Full HD camera.

Everything in View with Camera & Radar

The radar's field of view is designed in such a way that two systems are sufficient to completely cover intersections. With a range of up to 300 meters and a wide detection range of 110° x 30°, the ITR-3800 monitors large sections of the road or complex intersections and motorway on-ramps with up to 16 lanes without any problems.

The camera surveys the same wide view as the radar. It provides high-resolution moving images (range of vision up to 80 meters) in real time. The visual component also helps to minimise the work for ITS companies. Particularly in the traffic area, cameras are common at intersections in many countries. The users don’t have to mount an additional traffic camera.

“The product development benefited from cutting-edge technology and user experience of the successful iSYS-5220 radar system, which has been in use at many intersections since 2019. Technological progress enabled us to optimize the design and pricing. The ITR-3800 is significantly smaller, lighter and more energy efficient.”, said Dr Eva Maria Buchkremer, Head of Product Management at InnoSenT.

Light, Small, Economical

InnoSenT significantly minimised product dimensions, weight, and power consumption, thus setting new standards in the premium product sector. Through its optimised hardware, the ITR-3800 impresses with a low weight of less than 1 kg and its compact dimensions of just 270 x 102 x 37 mm, despite its additional camera. This compactness makes its handling much easier for users.

Despite its extensive functions and data processing, the radar system can be operated with 24 V or 48 V power supplies.

Advanced Radar Technology

The ITR-3800 is a sophisticated 24 GHz MIMO radar and utilises FMCW modulation to detect and position moving and static objects. It measures their speed, distance, and angular position (in elevation and azimuth) and detects their direction of movement. In addition to the output of radar information, also object localisation and the visualisation of a heat map are possible. The camera allows you to take photos or transmit a live signal to show the current traffic situation.

In order to tell individual road users apart, the system separates the detection points over four dimensions (distance, speed, and angle in azimuth and elevation).

The system reliably classifies the detected objects in one of the five categories in total (pedestrians & bicycles, cars, lorries, and others) based on the extensive measured values.

Applications in Road Traffic

With the detection of traffic events, the new traffic radar can contribute to the efficiency of the traffic flow. The gained radar information can be used for traffic flow optimization or as direct trigger for traffic light control on demand.

The ITR-3800 estimates the length of queues and arrival time at stop lines.  It tracks vehicle movements on an assigned lane, counts road users and provides additional information for traffic statistics. The radar system also detects wrong-way drivers and U-turns and incidents.

Ready for Use

The new radar system can be integrated into existing infrastructures optimally and easily. For this purpose, InnoSenT has equipped the ITR-3800 with various interfaces, such as Ethernet and RS485, which can be used flexibly according to application requirements.

The new product stands apart through its high level of integration. und reiht sich damit in InnoSenT‘s Premiumsegment ein. The complex signal processing is already included. Even without radar know-how, customers can use this radar technology for their traffic systems through this signal processing. The available GUI also enables users to quickly implement adjustments. This way, detections can be filtered for customers’ own purposes and certain event zones can be defined.

Data Processing for Traffic Statistics and Control

The extensive configuration options allow the use of the radar for traffic control at intersections and access roads as well as the collection of traffic statistics. The radar can be adapted to the various areas of application via event zones, which the user can link to conditions.

Examples are reaching a number of waiting cars, vehicles blocking the intersection, or vehicles that drive too fast in the dilemma zone to be able to brake safely. The radar will issue a message once the conditions of a set zone have been met. This makes it possible to directly replace the induction loops that are still frequently used.

However, the ITR-3800 is not only a non-invasive alternative of technology, but also offers added value for traffic statistics and analysis of the traffic events through the observation of the traffic flow as well as the output of object information.

Source: http://www.InnoSenT.de


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