Cobham’s Sensor Grids Aid Security Applications

Cobham declares the release of its novel advancement, the Wire-free Sensor Network Node or Nugget. The Nugget is a completely mobile-networked unattended terrain sensing unit featuring five interior integrated sensors in it. This system is best suited for covert inspection purposes involving the identification of people coming in and out of an infra-structure or for asset security.

The entire system is equipped with one or more nodes designed as detector nodes and a unique node structured as a destination node connecting a monitoring station. Each of the Nuggets comprises a series of interior sensing units encompassing GPS location receiver, short-range Passive InfraRed (PIR), ambient light sensor for tracking deviations in light source, tamper identification and a trip cable/break monitor. The exterior systems can be powered on and off independently or manually using wire-free sources supplied by the Nugget.

To enhance the integrated sensing potentialities, exterior sensing units such as seismic, acoustic, long range PIR and magnetic can be provided. Additionally, the sensing station software can be designed to associate the sensor functions on various Nuggets for the confirmation and classification of identified targets.

According to Steve Schaefer, Vice President of Cobham Surveillance, the configuration of the Nugget is the result of more than 30 years of technological improvement in unattended terrain sensors and symbolizes the subsequent generation of smart automated terrain sensors in association with the prevailing technologies.


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