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Smarter Technologies Shortlisted for IoT Innovation of the Year at Tech Excellence Awards 2023

Smarter Technologies is thrilled to announce its selection as a finalist for the esteemed IoT Innovation of the Year award at the highly anticipated Tech Excellence Awards 2023. This prestigious recognition celebrates exceptional products or services that have the potential to revolutionise our way of life.

Image Credit: Smarter Technologies

​​​​​​​As a leading UK-based IoT company, Smarter Technologies specialises in the development and delivery of intelligent solutions tailored to a wide range of industries. Our extensive clientele includes utilities companies, security firms, public sector organisations, defence sector entities, manufacturers, large businesses, and property managers. What sets us apart from competitors is our proprietary data network, Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™. Orion is an end-to-end, low-power, long-range radio solution that operates independently of a customer's broadband connection, channel congestion, and GSM data costs. Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, our network's low frequency ensures immunity to network dead spots, while also exhibiting exceptional penetration capabilities through buildings, obstacles, and even underground environments.

Orion works in tandem with our SmarterView digital twin platform, offering real-time data intelligence with minimal power consumption, reduced interference, and fewer infrastructure requirements compared to other solutions available today. At Smarter Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, sustainable, and customisable end-to-end solutions. This holistic approach enables us to deliver advanced and innovative solutions that surpass companies focused solely on IoT technology.

In 2022, Smarter Technologies achieved remarkable business growth, driven by the surging demand for Orion and the expansion of our sales programme into multiple countries. With thousands of receiving stations capable of transmitting data to a single cloud, Orion has surpassed LoRaWAN as the UK's most established LPWAN network, providing unparalleled coverage. Additionally, we introduced SmarterView, a powerful monitoring tool and alert system that has significantly enhanced the usability of Orion.

"We are deeply honoured to be shortlisted for the IoT Innovation of the Year award as an IoT company," said Matthew Margetts, Sales and Marketing Director at Smarter Technologies. "Our commitment to delivering end-to-end, sustainable, and customisable solutions for our clients is evident in the success of our Orion data network and SmarterView platform. We take great pride in leading the charge in IoT technology and remain dedicated to continuous innovation and delivering value to our clients."

The winners of the Tech Excellence Awards 2023 will be revealed on 18th May 2023 at the prestigious Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin. Smarter Technologies is privileged to receive this recognition for its innovative achievements and eagerly anticipates the event.


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