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Hittite’s Broadband Attenuator Pads Serve High-Frequency Applications

Chelmsford-based Hittite Microwave has released four surface-installable broad-band constant-value attenuators for high-frequency applications  greater than 25 GHz frequency for use in sensors, fiber optics, military subsystems, microwave radio and scientific equipments.

Broadband Attenuator Pads

The HMC653LP2E, HMC652LP2E, HMC655LP2E, HMC654LP2E RF and the microwave units are enclosed in 2-by-2-mm SMT plastic shielding and are functional in a temperature range from -400 C to 850 C. These devices have the potentiality to receive about 25 dBm input energy. These broadband attenuator pads are capable of terminating unwanted switch ports, adjusts LO drive mixer levels and pads reactive components used in test devices, military and other broadband subsystem purposes.

The HMC652LP2E, HMC653LP2E, HMC654LP2E, and HMC655LP2E are wideband fixed value 50-Ohm matched attenuators that offer relative attenuation levels of 2, 3, 4, and 6 dB respectively. These passive attenuator pads exhibit flat attenuation and solid return losses.

The HMC653LP2E, HMC654LP2E, HMC652LP2E and HMC655LP2E can be accessed in a chip variant as these are rated to operate in 50 GHz frequency. These are also consistent with the company’s broad series of constant value attenuators that are obtained in a 2-by-2-mm SMT enclosure and as bare chips.

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