AccYouRate Sets Up Data Analysis Center in Israel to Provide Healthcare Insights from Wearables

AccYouRate's breakthrough smart T-shirt enables continuous real-time monitoring of seven vital signals, including ECG, heart rate, breathing pattern, body temperature, movement, GPS, and body position for fall alerts.

AccYouRate's smart T-shirt - Model-2. Image Credit - AccYouRate

European digital health company AccYouRate, developer of innovative lifesaving wearable technology, is launching AccYouRate AI Ltd., a state-of-the-art data analysis center based in Israel. The new venture, which is set to be located in Tel Aviv, aims to harness the power of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock unprecedented healthcare insights and transform biomedical monitoring.

AccYouRate appointed Dr. Amir Toren, a board member and executive director at the company, to spearhead AccYouRate AI. Dr. Toren is assembling a team of experts in data science, deep learning and machine learning. This center of excellence will leverage cutting-edge techniques such as machine learning and deep learning to analyze the extensive longitudinal multi-parametric big data collected by AccYouRate's wearable devices. The goal is to extract meaningful patterns and correlations, enabling the development of personalized healthcare strategies, proactive health-related alerts, and innovative medical interventions.

"The establishment of AccYouRate AI signifies our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through advanced data analytics and AI," stated Dr. Toren. "We are determined to unlock valuable insights that will shape the future of healthcare and improve the lives of individuals worldwide. By expanding our capabilities, we aim to introduce attractively designed, comfortable, and functional wearables, monitoring vital body signs through proprietary algorithms and presenting insights via user-friendly dashboards."

AccYouRate AI welcomes collaborations and partnerships with healthcare providers, research institutions, and industry leaders to collectively drive the transformation of healthcare through advanced data analysis. The joint efforts are expected to unleash the full potential of big data, and enhance patient care, population health, and overall well-being.

AccYouRate's breakthrough smart T-shirt enables continuous real-time monitoring of vital body signals. The 100% textile shirt incorporates e-textile technology and conductive polymeric sensors, coupled with AI, big data, and a 5G-based central unit. It effortlessly monitors and transmits bio-signals to a cloud platform hosting a comprehensive biomedical database.

The smart T-Shirt provides real-time online monitoring of seven vital signals, including ECG, heart rate, pattern and depth of breathing, body temperature, motion, GPS, and body position for fall alerts. Its CE marking attests to compliance with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards, and it is currently undergoing FDA clearance. The technology has been validated by renowned universities, including Johns Hopkins University in the US, University of Bologna, and UniRoma4 University in Italy.

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