Cottsway Housing Chooses Aico’s Multi-Sensor for Fire Detection

Cottsway Housing, a housing association in Oxfordshire, has chosen the Aico multi-sensor alarms for fire detection for its more than 3,500 homes. Many of alarm systems used in the housing have reached their lifespan and need to be replaced. The repair team of Cottsway will replace and upgrade those sensors with Aico Multi-Sensor.

Aico's Multi-Sensor

The homes in the Cottsway Housing use three to four alarms with an Aico alarm control switch. The housing will also upgrade certain houses with category LD3 to LD2 that needs extra alarms in fields of high fire threat. In such cases, the Aico Multi-Sensor alarms will be linked to the system via Aico’s RadioLINK system.

Aico’s RadioLINK operates by permitting mains powered heat and smoke alarms to be linked wirelessly through radio frequency signals. If one alarm on the system is activated, a radio frequency signal will be transmitted out by the RadioLINK system, which in turn triggers all other alarms in the house to make sound.

The memory feature of Aico’s Multi-Sensor assists the Cottsway Housing electricians to detect rapidly the correct alarm that activated the whole system, even after it has finished sounding. By pressing the Test & Hush button provided on each alarm, the alarm that activated the whole system can be identified as it makes a beep sound three times.

Cottsway is now organizing a training program for its asset and development squad with Aico to provide them with a better knowledge about the type of alarms and the required regulations.


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