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New Gyro-sensors with Wide Thermal Range for Automotive Applications

Epson Toyocom has devised the innovative XV-9000range of highly condensed, secure gyro-sensing devices having constant properties even within a broad thermal range, in the order of -400C to 1250C.

These devices are widely deployed in automobile sectors for sensing vehicle’s status and these XV-9000 series gyro-sensors employ the company’s QMEMS technology for manufacturing crystal sensing materials in a hammerhead pattern.

These devices offer enhanced sensor security and provides resistance to vibration and shock. These series encompasses four types of sensors, involving two modes of yaw rate sensors called the XV-9100LV and XV-9100LP having a measurement in the range of +/-100 deg/s; and another two forms of roll rate sensing units called the XV-9300LV and XV-9300LP, with+/-300 deg/ sensing range.

These sensors are obtained in LP enclosures for executing measurements in the planar direction or in LV package for vertical direction calibrations.


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