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Micromechanical Gyroscopes from SensorDynamics

SensorDynamics has launched two new series of QFN40-enabled micromechanical gyroscopes called the SD742 (XY) and SD740 (XYZ) sensing units for calculating angular rate in two or three spatial dimensions. These devices offer a broad measurement range with a maximum of ±4096°/s, with reduced energy utility of nearly 5 mA, within a compact size of 6x6x1.8 mm3.

Both the devices are capable of functioning in a power supply of 2.6 V to 3.3 V within a thermal range of –40°C to +85°C. The devise experiences a maximum offset error of 10°/s at ambient temperature with an offset drift of 5°/s within the working temperature range. The sensitivity error at ambient temperature and the thermal change of sensitivity are denoted at 5% and can be reduced to 2.5% based on the requirement.

The standard calibration range, employing the in-built SPI or I2C digital connection is maintained at ±1024°/s. An optional custom calibration of about ±4096°/s can also be provided. The integral upgradation of calculated readings is supplied at a minimal rate of 10 kHz. The set up for ratiometric analog outputs can be designed for ±64°/s, ±128°/s, ±256°/s, or ±512°/s calculated values.

The reduced energy utility and the compact size of these sensors are suitable for battery-operated applications and in industrial control and calibration processes. A constantly operative auto-test functionality monitors the working potentiality of the two or three dimensional angular-rate sensing element, eliminating any errors.


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