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Differential Pressure Sensors from Sensirion

Sensirion has introduced a standard sensing product called the SDP2108-R, for calculating the flow rate of medical ventilation systems. These differential pressure sensors feature increased speed and high precision having 0 to 3500 Pa measurement range.

The SDP2108-R is completely validated and thermal compensated. The devise also exhibits a rapid response time in the range of 8ms and delivers 0 to 4V analog output.

Differential pressure sensor

This root square output provides precise calibrations at even minute differential pressure levels, while simultaneously permitting the sensor to perform a broad range of measurements. The sensor employs the thermal flow measurement methodology to attain precision and sensitivity with less differential pressures. In contrast to membrane-type differential pressure sensing devices, the SDP2108-R shows enhanced freedom and steadiness from the zero point drift.

The sensors’ extended calibration range and rapid response time has been exclusively provided for its use in medical technology and is deployed mainly in patient ventilation systems. The SDP2108-R also serves HVAC control systems and process automation.



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