Reebok and MC10 to Create Flexible Sensor

Reebok announced that it has joined with MC10, a start up, flexible electronics company, to develop a new sensor to be used on a flexible silicon circuit.

The flexible circuit will be sewn into the clothing and will have transistors to process the received information, without any processor or external box. After the data is processed, it will be transmitted to a remote monitoring station or another device.

MC10 Stretch Sensor

As the circuits are flexible, they are suitable for the user’s body, allowing the sensors to obtain signals with more accuracy. Both the companies anticipate the sensors to be used for monitoring strain on joints, blood pressure, health, heart rate and other factors in athletes. The flexible sensors are expected to be available in the market in two years.

Moreover, the US Army is interested in flexible sensors to be attached inside helmets and clothing to gauge the forces thrust on a soldier. The technology may lead to a sticker or sensor that changes color according to the severity of the explosion, leading to effective treatment of the soldiers in the field.


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