Three Innovative Current Sensors from Yokogawa

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments has declared the release of its three novel current sensing devices called, the CT60 (60 A), CT200 (200 A), and CT1000 (1,000 A).

These current sensors can calculate AC as well as DC currents and perform accurate calibration of currents to a maximum of 1,000 A and also contact-free calibration of small currents to a range of 50 A. Including the 751574 current transducer (600 A), the company possesses four versions of the current sensor till date.

Current Sensors

In order to save energy, accurate calibrations of large and small power ranges have to be done. For instance, the evaluation of larger currents during the advancement of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV), electric vehicles (EV) and, the calculation of performance of inverter in photovoltaic current generators, and the contact-free evaluation of small current. Yokogawa has introduced three innovative sensor varieties for satisfying user demands.

The CT60 sensor type executes contact-free calibrations of about 50 A smaller currents in the system that cannot be coupled to an electric meter directly. The CT200 sensor type calculates DC currents in the range of 100 A, produced by the inverters utilized in extensive photovoltaic current generators and by the chargers in EVs and PHVs.

The CT1000 validates about 1,000 A of current and is mainly deployed in the advancement of PHVs and EVs, that generate larger electric current during acceleration.


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