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Northrop Grumman Develops ASTAMIDS System for Airborne Missions

Northrop Grumman has advanced an aerial electro-optical laser sensing system called the Airborne Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Minefield Detection System (ASTAMIDS), for identifying minefields.

This system also has the potential to track hi-tech explosive devices and this significant feature of the devise has been explored during an Army validation process of this novel system. This system has been integrated on the MQ-8B Fire Scoutunmanned airborne system.


The ASTAMIDS features various multi spectral electro-optical sensing devices having varied sensing operations, encompassing texture investigation and change tracking, for checking newly hidden materials inferred as IEDs or mines. This aerial payload has 36 kg or 80 pounds in weight and is embedded with AGES processors and software. The system identifies and points out the terrain obstacles, targets, minefields, and IEDs, and detects the ranges on terrain targets, and, successfully examines and locates the targets for laser-based munitions attack. The system has located targets for three Hellfire missiles under the Army inspection.

The ASTAMIDS has accomplished 12 flight tests on an Army UH-1 and Northrop Grumman’s MQ-8B unmanned vehicle, recently. These tests checked the system’s off-nadir road following capability, C-IED nadir step stare, and large area mapping potentialities.


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