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Shotspotter Gunshot Location System Tracks Gun Crimes

Gunshots detecting sensor systems have been integrated in a major city in Britain for preventing gun crimes. This Shotspotter Gunshot Location System has the capability to trace blasts within a radius of about 25m or 82ft, and is being deployed in various areas of Birmingham.

Shotspotter Gunshot Location System

Police anticipates bringing down the firearm threats in the city, which have been increasing exponentially, recently. The sensors that have been installed in north-west Birmingham regions will document an audio clip and furnish information about the GPS location to the police. The expert officer monitors the video clips and based on the data determines whether to use more police force on the spot.

Chris McKeogh, Chief Supt, commented that the Shotspotter deployed in 50 major American cities exhibited 85% precision rate in detecting crime. He told BBC that, the bullet generates sound signals and has a unique signature that is identified by the specialized trained control room officers.

Externally fired shots can be traced accurately whereas when fired internally or with using a silencer, the precision is not achieved. Birmingham has experienced 295 firearm scenes, with 59 of them having discharges. In the past year, 440 firearm incidents were reported with 60 shots. According to the West Midlands Police, the gun crime rates have been reduced with the advent of the Shotspotter system.


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