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IBM Collaborates with Government Agencies to Solve Traffic Issues

An innovative research work is in progress to facilitate the city planners to understand the information gathered from varied sequences of sensing devices such as power meters, road traffic cameras, tide monitors etc.

IBM, a technology leader, has declared that the company will be collaborating with local research centres and Government agencies for validating this information to explore novel and improved methodologies for resolving the pollution and congestion miseries of Singapore.

Recently, numerous firms and agencies have gathered vast information regarding these facts. For example, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has installed various imagers, gantries and sensing devices for detecting vehicle motion. According to Dr Chin Kian Keong, LTA chief engineer for transportation, the scientists at IBM will associate with LTA for advancing innovative, improved traffic systems. The LTA maintains an inclusive database of various circumstances and provides remedies on such incidents. If the cameras happen to detect any accident, it prevents the traffic jam by impaling various situations and selects the ideal solution to solve the issue.


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