FLIR and Sofradir to Collaborate on New Dual Band IR Cameras

Sofradir and FLIR Systems will jointly develop new-generation camera cores and dual-band detectors for making thermal cameras with advanced capabilities for commercial and military applications.

FLIR Imaging Systems

Besides thermal cameras, these detectors can also be used in scientific and thermographic cameras.

This joint effort coincides with the recent emergence of dual-band detectors after a prolonged period of materials development by several countries. These detectors offer the possibility of accurate non-contact measurement of temperature, as well as automatic compensation for situations where material emissivity is not known.

The ability of the dual-band thermal camera to function in the longwave as well as the midwave bandwidths will empower the users to switch frequency bands based on the object surveyed or identified.

The longwave bandwidth is used for optimized detection in lower temperatures, and is useful in the warfront under conditions of fog, smoke, or dust. On the other hand, the midwave bandwidth will improve performance under high humidity and temperature conditions. The cameras will also enable image fusion between these two bands, since images are registered naturally.

FLIR will design these cameras and install them in both internationally and U.S. developed systems. Sofradir is an industry leader in detection technology with volume production capacities. Sofradir has integrated its IR detectors in many military-grade systems that are utilized for detection, observation, and identification of targets at large distances under conditions of dust, smoke, and fog, during day and night.

Sofradir has many firsts to its credit in the Optronics systems and IR camera domain. Some of the Sofradir detectors have established industry standard performances that will be incorporated in the new-generation dual-band detector.

FLIR Systems Government Systems division’s President, Bill Sundermeier, informed that Sofradir and FLIR have a common aim to provide leading-edge technology solutions for the worldwide sensor market. Sofradir’s CEO and President, Philippe Bensussan, added that both companies will together offer the best dual-band product in the market.


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