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Remote Air Traffic Control System for Airports in Sweden

Saab announced that a remote air traffic control (ATC) system will be installed at the Ornskoldsvik and Sundsvall airports in Sweden. The ATC system works with the help of sensors and cameras, which are installed at both the airports.

The system will be used to control both the airport's air traffic from one control center. The remote ATC system has been developed by LFV and Saab.

The system is l likely to be installed at the airports in 2011 and start operations in either 2011 or 2012. The air traffic at Ornskoldsvik and Sundsvall airports will be managed from the control center at Sundsvall.

The data from the cameras and sensors are linked to the control center in real time and displayed as a 360° view. The remote ATC system was tested in difficult environments at the Malmo and Angelholm airports in Sweden. The air traffic control system allows small- and medium-sized airports' air traffic to be led from one shared control center. This saves costs and increases security and efficiency at the same time.


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