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Positron’s Quantum Photodectors Acquire U.S. Patents

Positron,a global molecular imaging firm with wide expertise in nuclear cardiology, has proclaimed that their company has acquired two U.S. patents for their proprietary quantum photodetectors.

Positron’s quantum detector is efficient in measuring single photons, which are the fundamental units of light. This device can be used as a substitute to the photomultiplier tubes, and can be deployed for various industrial applications including medical imaging, particularly, Positron emission tomography (PET), and in homeland security and nuclear physics applications.

The primary patent highlights a quantum photodetector (USP 7,800,070), which functions as a readout system for signal processing applications and imaging devices can be fabricated with these detectors. The second patent explains about a quantum detector sequence having binary quantum sensing elements (USP 7,825,384). The dual nature of these quantum sensing components marks the intrinsically digital nature of the detector and streamlines the data processing that can be accomplished on the similar semiconductor substrate.

This technology offers an entire sensors-readout system digitally on-chip with high sensitivity and leads to the advancement of a subsequent generation medical imaging as well as radiation detecting solutions. The photodetectors are highly compressed and economical and thus lowers the expenses of the PET scanners for future use, enhancing spatial resolution and mobility. The detector is resistant to magnetic fields and thus can be deployed widely for the advancement of novel imaging systems including the PET/MR scanners.


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