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Sensors to Recognize Gestures

Omek Interactive, a provider of solutions for gesture and full-body recognition, along with Panasonic Electric Works, provider of motion sensors and electronic equipment, have entered into a partnership to help gaming, digital sign language and entertainment providers to create immersive three-dimensional products.

Panasonic’s three- dimensional sensor called the D-IMager, is a near infrared sensor. It utilizes a CCD to track a person’s movement or gestures. When this Time-of-Flight principle is mated with Omek’s software that recognizes hand movements, it will become possible to develop a range of interactive applications such as digital signage, entertainment and interactive point of sale systems.

The software from Omek incorporates gesture packs for Natural User Interface controls such as scrolling and selecting into applications like Follow Bubble and Lucky Lotto. While the former software helps create speech bubbles on the screen that follow characters coming within the camera range and display, the Lucky Lotto shows various shapes with symbols ‘hidden’ beneath the boxes. When a person walks past the display, he is instructed to choose a movement of his hand to see if he has won a prize or a coupon.

The sensor uses real time three-dimensional information to interpret hand or body movements and helps a person monitor in-store displays, play video games and exchange views with advertising or other screens.. This solution ensures precise tracking in many lighting conditions such as bright areas.


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