Tekscan Ultra-Thin Pressure Sensors for Non-Intrusive Measurements

Tekscan, a top-ranking thin-film force and pressure sensors manufacturer, has introduced, tactile pressure sensors that can be used in environments having temperatures as high as 200 °C or 400 °F.

High temperature pressure sensors

These sensors are ultra thin, that is, 0.2 mm or 0.008 inch in thickness. These matrix-based, high-temperature pressure sensors are the perfect tools to make non-intrusive pressure measurements among mating surfaces. These measurements are very important for a range of applications, such as injection molding, web handling and converting, packaging, print rollers and nips, laminating, and heat sealing.

Uses of the pressure sensors and systems include recording the pressure distribution and force changes over a period of time, measuring the pressure distribution between any two contacting or contacting surfaces, and detecting low pressure gaps and peak pressure hot spots.

Pressure sensors and systems can be utilized with the I-Scan pressure measurement system for deriving data that can help lower the machine set-up time, perform quality control inspections for machinery and parts, and help during product design and validation, along with general testing.

Source: http://www.tekscan.com

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