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Frontline Sensors + Systems Launches Wireless Water Level Monitoring System

Frontline Sensors & Systems has introduced a new standalone, wireless water level monitoring system called the LD575 RF Level Mate. The water level monitoring system is a combination of Level Mate II Level System of Ametek and Wireless Sensors’ SG900-M Modbus gateway.

The LD575 RF Level Mate is developed for a number of water level monitoring applications such as well level measurement, municipal water/wastewater, complicated process tank level measurement and irrigation applications including canal level and ground water level monitoring. The system can also be utilized for monitoring levels of lift stations, flood control, ponds, slurry and sludge.

The system features a strong stainless steel made submersible transmitter that is operated by a completely standardized microprocessor-controlled 900 MHz battery. The system’s SG900-M gateway can admit signals for up to 256 gauges and supply the data to any system that can communicate through industry-standard Modbus RTU protocol. The LD575 offers calibrations up to five  km on a self-healing and self-configuring mesh protocol, with an update range of one min to four  h.

The LD575 functions in a depth range of 6 ft to 690 ft at a pressure range of up to 300 psi. The Level Mate can be deployed easily by fixing the sensor at the required depth and switching it on. It avoids the requirement of  physical cables and incorporates with the available control or process networks. It is highly durable under adverse conditions and enables effective utilization of personnel and assets. It has a long-life battery pack and it transfers data over long- or short-range distances. It offers incremental data points as the installation alters or expands.

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