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Proximity Sensors for Cell Phones

ROHM Semiconductor has recently launched a series of high-performance infrared LEDs. The devices can be used in products featuring proximity sensors.

The SIM-030/031ST and SIM-040/041ST LEDs that are surface mounted incorporate the IR wavelength technology that offers peak output of 850/870nm that is nearer the peak wave sensitivity of sensors. This feature makes the device capable of proximity sensing. They are capable of saving power up to 66%, while their compact size and low profile makes them ideally suited for cell phones and other portable applications.

The smaller of the two devices SIM-030/031, is 2.3x1.95x0.9mm in size.  It has a forward current (If) of 100mA, and offers an emission strength of 30mW/sr.The SIM-040/041ST measures 3.1x2.25x1.6mm in size while offering 40mW/sr emission strength.

Both devices are suitable for proximity sensing in applications where space is a constraint, such as in cell phones in which the display fades out when held close to the ear. Both products belong to the company’s Optical Sensors series of emitters, receivers, photo interrupters, tilt sensors, IrDA and remote control modules.


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