Infrared Sensors from Cal Sensors

Cal Sensors has declared the release of two families of infrared sensors to detect lead salt, and the other of a multi-channel digital drive board. The products offer sensitivity and high quality for use in infrared sensing applications. The drive board offers maximum detection and hastens the time needed to manufacture end products.

The SCD-13HV PbS sensors are suitable for use in high volume applications where cost is a constraint. The high quality of the product also ensures that it has a longer life. It can be used in applications such as fire safety and flame sensing. It can also be used in development and quality control. The product also offers sensitivity at D* from 9x1010 to 1.75x1011 Jones across a wavelength of one to three micron. It can support configuration of a glass window or lens. It is available in three element sizes (1x1mm, 2x2mm and 3x3mm) to facilitate integration. Its compact size helps its use in appl8cations where size is a critical criterion.

The PbS and PbSe multi-channel sensors on the other hand offer sensitivity of 1.5x1010 Jones to help detect up to four materials/gases. It provides channel isolation of more than 99.5% and a small size of TO-5 over one to five microns. An integrated thermistor can also be integrated into the product for a high temperature compensation increasing accuracy in measuring. Integrating both the temperature and material sensors into a single TO-5 package that is hermetically sealed minimizes negative effects of the external conditions while ensuring that both the devices sense identical temperature ranges. Its four channel configuration ensures development of simple designs thus making it very cost efficient. It can be used in applications where complicated optics is not required such as analysis of gases in the industrial and medical fields, automobile and aviations. It can be used to monitor greenhouse gases, and in confined places like tunnels and underground areas. It has four discrete band -pass optical filters, supporting analysis of CO, CO2 and hydro-carbon.

The Digital Drive Board enhances signal levels in the one to four channel sensors. It has a socket and can drive the sensor by digitizing the output and connect through a USB to a computer. It also supports the PbS and PbSe sensors.


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