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Surveillance Sensors to be Deployed in Afghanistan

The Gorgon Stare surveillance system that had been test flown by the Air Force was declared to be non-efficient. In spite of this negative feedback, Air Force officials declare that the panoramic surveillance system cut still be put to use in Afghanistan.

The 53rd Wing Group based at Eglin, after testing it late last year, claimed it could not detect people on the ground fast enough, and was very slow in transmitting air-to-ground information. However, senior officials said although the test results have been recorded, they could not be made public. According to Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he was confident that adjustments will be possible even after it is deployed.

The system has nine cameras linked to a pod that can be airborne on an unmanned aerial vehicle and can take panoramic pictures. At the moment, it has been proved to have insufficient infrared output and cannot take pictures in the dark. It has been designed by the Sierra Nevada Corp. working in collaboration with the Air Force. However, according to Col. Richard Johnson, the sensor will not be put into use unless the theater commander has approved it because human lives rested upon the intelligence of products used in the field.


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