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Temperature Tags Enhance Quality of Patient Care

CenTrak, a company that develops real time location systems (RTLS) for monitors patients, attendants and equipment in healthcare centers, has unveiled its IT-735 probe-based temperature sensor tag.

The device can be applied as either a standalone solution or with the company’s asset and people-tracking solution.

Centrak's temperature tag

The system remotely detects and relays data on temperature levels of refrigerators and freezers, making automatic documentation adhere to prescribed regulations. It tracks temperatures from cryogenic -200°C to room temperature +50°C, provides precise and dependable rates down to seconds and 0.50°C precision. It can sound an alarm when the temperature fluctuates from the predetermined parameters. It offers continuous monitoring of  temperature, making manual monitoring and potential errors redundant. Since it is a detachable device it can be customized as needed.

The system enhances the security of patients by controlling the temperatures of blood samples and medicines. It is cost-efficient because it reduces the potential risk of blood samples and other products and medication becoming defective due to incorrect temperatures in refrigerators and freezers.


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