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Semiconductor Radiation Sensor to Reduce Response to Visible Light

Member of the ITW Photonics Group, and a division of ITW, Opto Diode is unveiling sensors to detect semiconductor radiation that will enable tracking of photons and other particles.

Opto's Semiconductor radiation sensor

The series of products incorporates the IRD AXUV 100GX Absolute X-ray Photodiode. The device contains identified active silicon thicknesses and 100% internal quantum efficiency, allowing for accurate measurement of X-ray flux, displaying energies of 100keV and more. Tests to determine measurements of X-ray responses conducted at PTB Germany proved that the responsivity of the devices could be determined from their identified silicon thickness. The devices feature a 10x10mm square active area with operation at room-temperature and a compact sensor size.

The device is user friendly and does not need any external voltage to enable operation. The nitrided-oxide front window of the device offers up to a Gigarad (SiO2) of radiation hardness. Products displaying directly-deposited, thin-metallic filters reduce response to visible light by several degrees of magnitude. The devices are deployed across the world by synchrotron and space scientists for solar spectrum studies.


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