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Joint Venture to Enhance Future Biosensor Technology

Optiqua is a developer of monitoring applications for pollution sensors in water treatment. NTU's Centre for Biomimetic Sensor Science (CBSS) designs biosensors to track small amounts of molecules in blood or toxins in water.

The two companies will jointly conduct research that will be monitored by Professor Bo Liedberg and Assistant Professor Zhang Hua, the chief researcher and co-researcher respectively.

Professor Liedberg’s, research has been focused on soft materials science, like surface chemistry, self-assembly, supra-molecular chemistry and bio-mimetics. Much of it has been on applications in biology and medicine, such as in biosensing and molecular identification, and transduction principles for biochemical/biological detection and diagnostics. Optiqua will set up a lab and research team at the CBSS by the first quarter  of 2011.

According to Melchior van Wijlen, Optiqua's managing director, the collaboration with NTU will enhance his company’s research and development in biochemistry to design monitoring systems for use in global water treatment applications.


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