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Humidity, Temperature Sensor Delivers Digital Linear Signals

UK-based Farnell has recently launched its Sensirion SHT21/25 humidity and temperature sensor.

Farnell's HumidityTemperature sensor

It is integrated into a reflow dual flat no leads (DFN) package that can be soldered and is more compact at 3x3x1.1mm in size than its earlier edition. The device delivers calibrated, digital linear signals in an I2C format.

The device has been retrofitted with a MOSens chip, a redesigned humidity sensor and enhanced band gap temperature sensor. These features make it a better version than the company’s previous offerings, the SHT1x and SHT7x. Each device has been singularly calibrated. Each device has also undergone rigorous testing. Batch code data has been printed on the sensor and an electronic identification code is also available on the chip. The device resolution can be altered with a command from 8/12 to 12/14-bit for RH/T. It alerts users when the battery needs to be changed, while a checksum enhances dependable communication.


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