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Sokkia Tilt-Sensor-Based Series 50X Enhances Distance Measurement

Sokkia has launched its new Series 50X total stations that provide increased speed and measurement range, besides a wide range of new features.

Sokkia 50X Series

This series incorporates a new dual-axis tilt sensor that results in the boosted ±6’callibration range. The boosted range enables instrument settings like centering and leveling. This 2” model incorporates the Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) for boosting its measurement stability further. The high-end models that widely utilize the IACS offer 0.5”/1”/2” angle accuracies for NET, SRX and SET X, NET, and SRX.

These stations increase the distance range using three prisms up to 5,000 m and up to 4,000 m by using one prism. This is equivalent to an increase of 20% over earlier models and at the same time reducing the measuring time by 40%.

Denny Welch, Survey Business Unit’s senior vice president, informed that the Series 50X has five measurement signals having the highest modulating frequency that is 75 MHz. Welch added that the new EDM, along with the enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology used in his company’s reflector-less total stations, has greatly enhanced the reliability and the distance measurement capability for all environmental scenarios.  

Welch explained that this simple angle encoder system incorporates a minimal number of mechanical and optical parts. He added that this system is able to detect and rectify misreading of encoder patterns automatically.

The unit incorporates the industry-best IP66 protection feature  that blocks out driving rain, dripping water, dust, snow, mud, and sand. The Dust-tight IP6x feature offers the best protection grade against entry of solid foreign objects. The Water-protection IPx6 feature ensures protection against water jets from multiple directions.  

Other features of the unit include safe laser output of the Class 1 type, in-built Bluetooth choice to enable wireless communication along with a data collector, password protection for the prevention of unauthorized usage, and built-in laser plummet. The laser plummet enables fast set up of the instrument for the 5”, 3”, or 2”models. An optical plummet is available with the 6” model.


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