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Samsung Electronics Expands CMOS Image Sensors Range

Samsung has recently introduced the 2.1Megapixel S5K5B3 and the 1.3Megapixel S5K6A1 CMOS image sensors, which will be utilized in gadgets that need the video capture feature and notebook computers.

The mass manufacture of these sensors will commence in 2010 second quarter. However, samples of these sensors are available now. Besides these two sensors for mobile and computing applications, Samsung will continue the expansion of its image sensor range that supports HD video capabilities. Samsung will focus on reducing the form factor of its CMOS imagers to establish its lead in the growing CMOS imager market segment.

The TSR (Techno System Research) has predicted that the PC and the notebook camera market would be around 150 million units during 2010 and will increase at 12% yearly growth rate by 2013 to reach 200 million units.

These two sensor products have helped Samsung to increase its industry-best range of CMOS image sensors. They were designed with a focus on high-quality VGA resolution for video conferencing, and high-definition (HD), high-performance, full-resolution real-time images with a maximum of 30 frames per second (fps) for image/Internet video sharing applications.

So far real-time video capture during conditions of low-light sensitivity posed challenges to image sensor designers. The innovative 1.75 µm pixel technology from Samsung has increased the sensitivity of imagers to 70Lux of YSNR10, which is crucial in those conditions when the computer screen light is the only image source for the scene.

These two image sensors are able to support multiple platforms architectures as well as controllers having both MIPI and parallel interfaces. The S5K5B3 imager utilizes an embedded auto focus empowered depth of field (EDoF) function. This imager facilitates business cards and bar codes reading without any mechanical auto-focus support, which are more expensive and have a bigger module form factor.

The space earmarked for camera imagers inside the notebook computers is reducing significantly, as LCD panel manufacturers focus on developing sleeker panels. The S5K5B3 image sensor can support camera modules offering complete1080p HD with 30 fps capability within a z-height that is less than 4.5 mm.

Samsung Electronics’ vice president, System LSI marketing, Dojun Rhee, informed that the manner in which consumers interact with their computers is being transformed by HD imagers. He added that the webcam has emerged as an essential feature for modern-day PCs and notebooks used for high definition multimedia applications.


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