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Eco-Friendly Refrigerants for LAUDA Thermostats

LAUDA contributes to the efforts in combating global warming by using natural refrigerants in the cooling systems of their thermostats. Air-cooled thermostats – LAUDA ECO Silver and Gold are cooled using Propane (R290) and work in the voltage range of 230 V;50 Hz. They will be made available by 31st March.

Lauda Eco Colling Thermostat

Propane being a natural ingredient does not cause greenhouse effect in comparison to fluorocarbons. The thermostats with the new cooling systems are similar in appearance and performance with the conventional ones; cost wise there is only a small difference. The combustible property of Propane demands additional attention to be given to the safety aspects.

The cooling circuit is made air-tight and permanently sealed in order to ensure minimum leakage risk. There is sufficient protection given for the components, which are likely to get ignited. The system is so designed that the cooling fan operates relentlessly to prevent formation of explosive mixtures. The design is complete in itself thereby the need for  external electronics is absent.

LAUDA is undisputedly the global leader in manufacturing innovative thermostatic equipment. The equipment caters to scientific applications and used in production as well. LAUDA has been a key player in the market for more than 50 years, and has over 10,000 customers across the globe.



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