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Wireless Container Monitoring Solution from System Planning

System Planning Corporation (SPC) has been granted its fourth container security patent numbered US 7,702,358 for its innovative technology for tracking and monitoring containers, GlobalTrak. This patent was awarded on April 20, 2010.

The patent depicts a ad hoc wireless networking solution established among GlobalTrak-equipped supply chain cargo containers. The GlobalTrak units that are not able to get connectivity through the satellite or cell communications networks are provided with an alternative communication channel through which location and sensor reports are received. The units not having the connectivity are connected through a number of relay links utilizing a short range, dynamically created wireless interface.

The impressive intellectual property (IP) of GlobalTrak protects and highlights the most enhanced container monitoring system in the market. A new patent US 7,649,455 granted on January 19, 2010 amplified the original GlobalTrak patent US 7,098,784 that was granted on Aug. 29, 2006. The utilization of eSeals, container-oriented mobile warehouse inventory management, and integrated RFID readers are covered under this patent. These two patents deal with any container security gadget that is connected to a conveyance system and incorporates at least a wireless communication link to the external world, a processor and a sensor for data manipulation. The new patent has 12 claims and is treated a furtherance of the 2006 patent’s 25 claims.

The US 7,623,029 B2 patent for SPC was granted on November 24, 2009. This patent deals with tracking of shipping containers that are nominated for a particular group having dedicated container addresses within a single lot designation through short range communications among GlobalTrak units. According to Richard C Meyers, CEO of GlobalTrak, this flock algorithm enables any container of the lot to inform the absence or presence of other containers within the group which acts as a self-aware management strategy for groups having multiple units.

The Powers Secured International Authorized Agent Chain-of-Custody patent was licensed by SPC in 2009 for utilization in the GlobalTrak products. This important patent has reinforced the SPC portfolio through inclusion of an access control system or a form of registered mail concept for the GlobalTrak system. This is required for those applications that the security of the container’s content and owner is vital.

The GlobalTrak system provides shippers a business and security automation tool that offers operational intelligence for decision support for supply chain management. The system provides location information of cargo in-transit, mobile or fixed asset status monitoring to users, layered access security, monitoring of cargo condition, mobile inventory management, and chain of custody authentication to users in one multi-service platform.

The network center of GlobalTrak, known as online Information Management Bureau (IMB), has integrated electronic shipping documents and shipment transit data like packing lists and BOLs in one envelope of information for every container shipment. IMB value networks that are shipper controlled and secure, enable collaboration among trading partners. Through the collaborative effort it is possible to share and update business documents like inventories and invoices. For example, third party logistics vendors and consolidators will be able to collect and complete information that is difficult to get or is missing, which is required by the U.S. Importer’s Security Filing System, on the ISF’s electronic version for use by brokers. Updated and pre-loaded invoices for shipper customers can be published by the IMB, based on shipper-established triggers like authorized agent shipping or destination zones.


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