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Morpho’s CTX 5800 Explosives Detection System Receives ECAC Approval

Morpho Detection has proclaimed that its new, compact CTX 5800 explosives detection system (EDS) has met the European Union Standard 3 requirements, after an evaluation by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has also certified and ratified the CTX 5800. The ECAC evaluation would provide European authorities and airports a selection of robust and compact EU-compliant CT (computed tomography based) solutions to meet their security challenges. According to EU regulations, by 2012 all the new EDS equipment should comply with the Standard 3 requirements.

Morpho Detection, Inc., the detection business of Morpho, Safran group's security unit, today announced its small footprint CTX 5800(TM) explosives detection system (EDS) has been evaluated by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) as meeting European Union Standard 3 requirements. Credit - Business Wire

This EDS system with its small footprint has double throughput capacity when compared to other small systems in the market. Operators could make use of this compact device in space-constrained airports and handle their threat detection challenges and baggage screening with greater efficiency.

According to Dennis Cooke, who is the CEO and President of Morpho Detection, the detection solution would be perfect for small airports where space constraints are found in plenty, and it would give them a technology edge for meeting their aviation security and day-to-day operational challenges. He also stated that airports of all sizes could adopt the powerful EDS solutions after the ECAC evaluation and can also make use of the much larger CTX 9800 DSi and CTX 9400 DSi for CT-based hold baggage screening and obtain greater customer satisfaction.

The CTX 5800, with its high automation levels, throughput and clarity technology, could aid in making plans for passenger growth in airports and at the same time deliver efficiently lower operational costs, mainly due to its simplified baggage handling infrastructure, lower maintenance needs and reduced manual alarm resolutions, all carried out with great speeds to clear bags and baggage at airports. Space and budget restrictions are met along with strict screening requirements to satisfy both the passenger and the airline’s stringent needs. The CTX 5800 is being showcased at the Paris Air Show from June 20th to 26th, 2011.



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