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DMI's Calculations Match Risø's LIDAR Observations

Torben Mikkelsen and Sven-Erik Gryning from Risø DTU are working with DMI and international associates to map the ash cloud through Aerosol-LIght Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) tools.

Riso Wind Energy Research

A beam of laser projected up in the air by the LIDAR strikes the particles in the atmosphere and is reflected to the LIDAR back and provides information relating to atmospheric particles. It can also be used for the measurement of the boundary layer height, such as finding the height at which any turbulence occurs in the atmosphere, which results in a significant effect on wind turbine functioning. It can also find out the direction and instant speed of the wind.

LIDAR can be utilized for the measurement of cloud droplets, smoke plumes or any particle in the atmosphere. Such measurements can be carried out across large regions and over time.

The LIDAR measurements carried out by Risø has been analyzed by DMI.
DMI has analysed LIDAR measurements from Risø. Jens Havskov Sørensen, DMI’s Chief Consultant, and Risø DTU’s Mikkelsen have exchanged research data and have compared the measurements taken by the LIDAR of Risø with model cloud and cloud readings of DMI. The model calculations of DMI are in tune with the LIDAR observations of Risø, as per the conclusion.


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