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Thickness Sensor for Semiconductor Wafers

In-process measurement of the thickness of Silicon wafer substrates and blind via depth is a regular operation in semiconductor manufacturing. Armstrong Optical Ltd of Northampton have added high precision, non contact sensor that allows thickness measurement of Silicon (and other semiconductor substrates) wafers (doped or undoped).

The CHRocodile IT sensor system is based on laser diode technology and offers thickness measurement in the range from 18µm to 3mm in air with a resolution of better than 60nm for Si. The CHRocodile IT is suitable for in-line measurement with it’s fast 4KHz sampling rate, the ability to operate in a vacuum, and the independence of the measurement to variations in temperature and atmospheric moisture make it suitable for many industrial applications. The small (<20mm dia and <50mm long) easily integrated sensor head comprises a passive lens system with no electronic components or moving parts and is attached the controller via a fibre optic cable making measurements immune to electronic interference. The CHRocodile IT is also suitable for multilayer systems and can be configured with op to 5 sensor heads for multi-channel analysis.

The CHRocodile IT, and sensor systems for other applications are manufactured by Precitec GmbH manufacture these probes to the highest standard, whilst their partners in the UK, Armstrong Optical Ltd, support these sensor systems and are happy to consult on turnkey, totally integrated industrial measurement solutions.

For further information on wafer measurement, the CHRocodile range of sensor systems or to request a demonstration please feel free to contact Armstrong Optical.


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