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u-blox Upgrades u-blox 6 GPS Platform

u-blox has declared the upgrading of its recently released GPS receiver platform, the u-blox 6 which would give its customers significant advantages such as minimal power consumption, enhanced sensitivity, shorter time to first fix, jamming detection and improved anti-jamming performance.


This new platform offers an enhanced tracking sensitivity as low as -162 dBm along with improved acquisition and reacquisition sensitivity with an ability to give positioning data in deep indoor locations.

It also has a novel feature named AssistNow Autonomous, which works just like Assisted GPS which does not need any external network connection or a host, reducing the time taken to first fix. This would allow the GPS receiver to independently determine satellite positions on the basis of previously captured ephemeris. Another new addition is the implementation of an intelligent power management technique, which would allow the receiver to autonomously power-down unwanted circuitry, while maintaining GPS performance levels, resulting in power savings.

Its enhanced anti-jamming technology, along with the new jamming detection feature offers the GPS receiver the capability to sense the potential presence of GPS jammers thus adding to the security. Security systems could utilize this feature for alert signals or alarm activation or even initiating a backup positioning system on the basis of GSM cellular positioning. The support of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) protocol would allow receivers to boost positional accuracy in maritime applications, by making use of differential correctional information which are obtained by the RTCM beacons.



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