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PositiveID Develops Glucose Sensor for Diabetics

PositiveID Corporation has come up with a novel new device for diabetics. They have created and tested a continuous glucose sensing system that analyzes human blood components relevant to diabetes. The medical technology will help diabetes management and clinical diagnostics.

Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said they were very proud to say that they, in conjunction with the skilled team of scientists at Receptors, had completed their goal of developing a stable and reproducible glucose-sensing system.

He added that by overcoming this significant hurdle in the development of GlucoChip and accomplishing this pivotal goal, the company will begin to look for major partners to accelerate the remaining development of GlucoChip, a project that has the potential to revolutionize the way people with diabetes monitor their glucose levels.

The glucose sensing system components are based on simple molecular chemistry materials. Unlike other bio technologies which use relatively unstable biochemical reagents like antibodies and enzymes. The glucose sensing system components interact in a competitive manner with physiological blood glucose levels that keep varying, creating a measurable and reproducible response.

The company believes the measurement of glucose levels through this system will allow individuals with diabetes to monitor glucose levels in a less invasive manner than any of the systems available today.

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