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MMT Smart GPS Antenna Module for GPS Receiver

Micro Modular Technologies (MMT) has introduced the MN5020HS, a smart GPS antenna module. The MN5020HS, a completely integrated receiver with an 18 mm x 18 mm sized patch antenna, needs a power supply of 3.3 V DC and connections to the ground and does not require any external component.

Micro Modular Smart GPS Antenna Module

It consumes less than 80mW when working on the active mode and has also user-controlled modes for power savings that results in additional power savings.

With a tracking sensitivity of -159 dBm and less than a second hot start TIFF, it functions across the entire -40 to +85„aC temperature range. A suitable connector is also included for electrical interface.

MMT is also launching the MN5310HS/AHS, a GPS receiver module measuring 25 mm x 25 mm and functioning through a passive or external GPS antenna. The module is a pin-compatible alternative for the MN3310 GPS receiver. However, it provides lower power consumption and better signal sensitivity as compared to the part replaced by it. For the MN5310AHS the operational range is -30 to +85„aC, while for the MN5310HS the corresponding range is -40 to +85„aC.

According to MMT¡¦s VP of Sales and Marketing Larry Cleland, the interface between the antenna and the receiver is the most complex component in the GPS receiver module¡¦s design. He added that the integration of the receiver and the antenna in the MN5020HS has eliminated this complexity.

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