PPS Launches New IC Bonding Sensor System

Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) has announced the introduction of the IC Bonding sensor system, which is a tactile sensor with high-resolution temperature compensation.

IC Bonding Sensor System

This sensor functions at high temperatures and gives pressure distribution data over a contact surface area. Wherever monitoring bonding processes are essential, the IC Bonding sensor system would be useful, especially at high temperatures and it would ensure that pressure uniformity and precise alignments are obtained. Flat screen assembly processes where the anisotropic conductive film (ACF) bonding processes are used, could gain from the PPS IC Bonding sensor system.

Jae Son, who is the CEO and Founder, has stated that the unique ability of the PPS IC Bonding sensor system is to operate at high temperatures and even offer repeatable and quantitative alignment data, while other devices provide static images from the prescale films. This system offers a number of advantages, such as an accurate quantitative system which could be integrated into the bonding machine and thermal compensation for precise collection of data. Industrial construction for high temperature and pressure environments are also provided by the system along with a vibrant and active visualization for aligning and adjusting the bonding processes.

Tactile Sensor for Measuring Pressure Distribution for IC Bonding

The system includes a Chameleon TVR software for data acquisition and real-time visualization along with T4000 interface electronics for USB connection to a PC. An in-built thermocouple within the sensor manages the temperature transients, while an API is included for easy integration into the Windows software system. It also has a single IC bonding tactile sensor which comes with a 1.5m cable.

Source: http://www.pressureprofile.com


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