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NXP Semiconductors Announce Release of Position Sensors Based on ABCD9 Technology

NXP Semiconductors has proclaimed the release of the KMA210, the new generation of automotive position sensors, which includes ASIC, a unique signal conditioning created in the ABCD9 process technology along with a new magnetoresistive sensor chip. This does not require any external components and has been designed for improving the performance standards.

NXP's unique magnetoresistive position sensors KMA210 developed on ABCD9

This new position sensor is ideal wherever accurate mechanical angle measurements need to be taken, such as the automatic headlight adjustments and the active suspension and electronic steering for automotive applications. Due to its robustness and advanced accuracy features this sensor would be especially beneficial for throttle control, under-the-hood power train and air control valve measurement applications. Moreover, the fact that this sensor remains active even in high temperatures such as 160°C makes it apt for applications pertaining to exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

These sensors help to execute clean, comfortable and safe rides. It also supports regulations enforced for CO2 emission in cars by allowing precise control of the air intake and by implementing the electronic stability program or cruise control function. When compared to the previous sensor products, which used integrated ASICs, this sensor shows significant improvement mainly due to the signal conditioning ASIC in ABCD9 technology. Two capacitors are embedded inside the package for cost reduction. It is robust because the sensor is designed as per the new HMM (Human Metal Model) and have exceptional electrostatic discharge (ESD) behavior.

According to the Vice President, NXP Semiconductors, Drue Freeman, the company took great pains to achieve innovation in automotive technology platforms by making use of cutting edge products and valuable help and insights gained from customers.


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