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Irvine Sensors Releases Availability Roadmap for its VAULT Products

Irvine Sensors Corporation has issued a detailed plan for the tentative availability of flash memory products in its VAULT™ series. 

Products of the VAULT series use the in-house stacking technologies of Irvine Sensors for accomplishing high speed and memory storage density and are compatible with state-of-the-art technologies developed by U.S. Government organizations and Irvine Sensors to safeguard unauthorized access or misuse of data.  Irvine Sensors earlier exhibited the VAULT technology in a government project and is currently constructing the first few units of a 128 GB VAULT flash drive. The company is currently ready to accept orders for the same in a small scale.

In the forthcoming two years, the company is planning to release three new versions, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB, of the VAULT drives. These products are supposed to allow for advanced data encryption, device locking, tamper detection, and memory zeroization based on their configuration.  Advanced features such as these are ideal for several commercial and government cyber-security systems.

California-based Irvine Sensors Corporation is a company that deals with vision systems and focuses on the development of image processors, minute IR and electro-optical cameras, stacked chip assemblies, and also on the sale of systems incorporating these products. The company is also engaged in R&D related to various technologies including high-speed network security, high density electronics, optical interconnection technology, miniaturized sensors, and image processing.


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